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LATEST UPDATES (15 August 2018)

28 Jul 2018. District 330 Training

28 Jul 2018. Annual Training of Inner Wheel Clubs. Members of Inner Wheel clubs in IW District 330 converged at the one-day event for the purpose of learning and familiarising themselves with the requirements and responsibilities expected of them in the execution of their duties in respect of the positions they hold in their clubs. Read more about it. The programme of the event. Click to view photos. The following materials are also available from the "Downloads" page.

  1. Overview of IW (Joy Sundram)
    IIW database, how to use (Joy Sundram)
  2. Effective IW Leadership (Jessie Wang)
  3. Club Protocol & Decorum (Ambika Menon)
  4. Club & District Communications for Club Secretaries (Shanti Menon)
  5. Website Requirements (Cheng Yeok San)
    Sample of Events (Cheng Yeok San)
    Guidelines for submission to DE (Dr Bahma)
    IIW Publishing Protocol 2017-18 (Dr Bahma)
  6. Duties of Club Officers (Seetha Lakshmi)
    Club Executive Guidelines (Mar 2008)
  7. Registrar of Societies (Parimala Satheesan)

Summary of club installation dates:
IWC Apsaras: 2 Jun 2018
IWC Kuala Lumpur: 1 Jul 2018
IWC Ipoh East: 7 Jul 2018
IWC Subang Selangor: 22 Jul 2018
IWC Petaling Jaya: 4 Aug 2018
IWC Klang: 4 Aug 2018
IWC Mutiara: 5 Aug 2018
IWC Penang: 11 Aug 2018
IWC Pearl of the Orient: 12 Aug 2018
IWC Kuanta Indera Mahkota: 19 Aug 2018
IWC KLCC: 15 Sep 2018
IWC Ipoh 70th Anniv: 6 Oct 2018

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